Discover Our Playground

At My Giggle Place, we offer a safe and clean environment where kids can play with their peers and learn about themselves. All of our friendly staff have years of experience working with and educating children. Every day, our staff leads group games and educational activities geared to developing positive interactions in a social environment. At Giggles, each day of the week has a different emphasis. From storytelling, to craft time and song and dance, there is always something new!

My Giggle Place can comfortably accommodate groups of all sizes! We have 3200 square ft. of play area with spacious 40 ft. high ceilings! Our party room is also 800 square ft. by 40 ft. high! And we have 1600 square ft. of additional space available to accommodate group led activities or other games!

Giggle Theater

Lights, Camera, Action! We love to celebrating the simple joys of being a kid. We aren’t afraid to be goofy, and we love to laugh. This is why we have built a deluxe theater stage where kids can outwardly display how they are feeling inside. This fun stage includes an awesome selection of costumes for dress up, puppets for shows, and even room for the stardom of karaoke night. We invite the social butterflies to flutter with others and your little shy guy/gal to step out into the spotlight. We even have a dress-up area with a myriad of costumes so your little one can channel their inner princess, superhero, or whatever they can imagine!

Craft Center

At Giggles, we believe that each child is unique. That’s why we created the crafty corner- a place that is specifically designed to bring out the true colors in all of us. Here, we invite each child to have the freedom to express themselves. We have a whole plethora of unique crafts accomidating a variety of skill levels from simple drawing to decorating ornate frames. Kids will leave with fun fuzzy friends, beautiful patterns and even build functional crafts to use at home or give away!

Train Depot

We care about every child, from the little tots to the big brothers. We believe everyone should be included in play. To accommodate our little ones who are closer to the ground, we’ve set up an interactive train depot. This isn’t just a simple train station. It’s a place where you can let your imagination soar and build a whole city for your train to run through. Little hands traverse vast terrain, while little bodies stay right by your side.

Infant Area

At Giggles, we know what it’s like to be a parent of several kids. That’s why we have designed a comfy seating area for parents and the little ones who can’t walk yet. Take a load off while watching your kids, and letting your little tyke explore in a safely enclosed area. We are here to help you set your worries aside, and create a place you and your kids will enjoy!

Game Room

The newest addition to our playground is fun for all ages. Adults rekindle with their inner child once they see what is inside.  We stuffed the room full of ping-pong tables, air hockey, Foosball, & duel basketball hoops. For an additional $5 for two hours you get a wrist band and are able to utilize all of the awesomeness.  You are able to add this fun filled area to your birthday for only $75.   Come in and see what all the talk is about.

Little Builders Zone

It’s important for kids to learn the value of teamwork! For this reason, we’ve designed the Little Builder Zone, a place where friends can work together to build sky scrapers and roads, towers and houses. Attached to the wall is a lego board specially designed so that kids can build out from the wall and not just on tables. Beneath the board are giant legos which can be easily stacked to put together all kinds of imaginative fortresses. We know that having positive social interactions at a young age is crucial to development. So at Giggles, we work to make this happen.


We want kids to not only ask a lot of questions but to have the skills and resources to look for the answers. We believe one of the best ways these skills develop, is through reading. So to make reading fun, we have created our very own library filled with volumes of books that kids can dig into. We have animated story sessions run by our staff, and we encourage you to read with your child as well.

Giggle Gym

At Giggles, we believe in teaching children how to make friends and be a friend. We understand that for young kids, this is primarily developed through having fun together. So, we’ve designed a spacious recreation room just for group play. This room is geared towards high-energy, enthusiastic fun in the form of tag, dodgeball, relay contests, parachute games, bowling tournaments, and tons more. Our staff is equipped to lead exciting group games that are great for burning off extra energy. We invite your child to learn the value of teamwork and the joy of camaraderie, and of course to make some new friends along the way.


We are all for good eats and cool treats. That’s why we’ve got a cute little café where we invite you to take a break and grab a bite. Every day, we have a fresh selection of scrumptious sandwiches and other nutritious snacks for picky eaters. Our food is always fresh and healthy-just enough to give you a solid boost of energy that will carry you through your day.

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