Dear Loyal Customers, My Giggle Place is currently under new ownership. Please click here to go to new site:¬†http://pumperjumpers.com/. While most of the play equipment is still here, we have enhanced the playground with much more variety. From inflatable slides & obstacle courses to trampolines, Pumper Jumpers has the largest selection of fun equipment for young kids. Open play are now open Monday – Friday from 10am-7pm. Weekends are reserved for private events.   http://pumperjumpers.com/.  Read More

New Open Play Times: Monday- Thursday 10-7 Fridays open until 8 pm

Closed on Halloween! Saturdays & Sundays Private Parties ONLY

Socks are required for all guests, parents & children!

We are under new ownership. Please click here: www.pumperjumpers.com to check out our new site

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